Data Scientist | Professor

Leonardo Mauro

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What do I do? I solve problems using data. I currently work as a Data Scientist developing Artificial Intelligence solutions to solve complex problems and improve customer experience. I also experienced developing business intelligence reports, and developing data-related products, acting as a data product manager.

Besides, I am passionate about teaching. I had worked as an Adjunct Professor when I did my Master's degree. Currently, I am acting as Master in Business Administration (MBA) Tutor and Professor, in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence courses (graduate courses).

Finally, I am always studying new artificial intelligence techniques, because "the joy of thinking and learning makes us think and learn even more." (Aristóteles).

Curriculum: PDF, Lattes, Linkedin.

Academic Qualifications

2017 - 2020

Master in Computer Sciences and Computational Mathematics.

University of Sao Paulo/Campus Sao Carlos, USP, Brazil.

2013 - 2017

Bachelor in Computer Science.

University Federal of Mato Grosso do Sul/Campus Ponta Pora, UFMS, Brazil.

2010 - 2011

Technical in Informatics for Internet.

Etec Park of the Youth, ETEC PJ, Brazil.

Bibliography: Google Scholar, dblp.

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